Motorcycle Insurance Companies in USA

Riding a Motorcycle is full of thrill and fear. There is always a fear of accident takes places when a motorcyclist increases their Speed. In accidents, there are chances of physical injuries, property damage and many other things. To get rid of this fear of a motorcycle owner there is a Perfect Solution which is called Insurance. Through a Motorcycle Insurance, a motorcycle owner can find the proper protection against losses caused by physical injuries, property damage and more.

Finding the best Insurance Company that Provides all Required Facilities by Getting Motorcycle Insurance is very hard in this Competitive world. If you are also a Motorcycle Owner Living in the USA and Looking for Best Motorcycle Insurance company to get Insurance Policy then We will Show you the Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in the USA.  These Motorcycle Insurance Companies are Providing the best Services to their Happy Customers for too Many Years. After Reading this Article We Promise that you will be able to Choose the best Company to Ensure your Motorcycle and Secure your future Rides from Risks.

We have Collected the data of these Companies from huge Research from different Sources. We reviewed a number of Companies and listed them respectively based on key criteria like coverage types, customer service, and pricing.

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Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in the United States

We are Putting here a list of some best and Top Motorcycle Insurance Companies to get Bike Insurance Policy. So, let’s move on the List of Bike Insurance Companies.

Markel American: Best Motorcycle Insurance Overall

Motorcycle InsuranceMarkel Insurance is Providing Something Extra which the other Bike Insurance Companies in our list does not provide. Markel Insurance Company is Specialized in motorcycle insurance for more than 40 years. Markel Insurance Provides Policy for any type of Motorcycle including big twins, street bikes, touring motorcycles, cruisers,  sport bikes, sport-touring bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, trikes and other custom motorcycles.

Markel offers up to 35% discount on a motorcycle insurance policy. These discounts include anti-lock brakes, Anti-theft alarm, multi-unit, renewal, safe driver, safety course, accident forgiveness and a transfer discount of 10%. For safe drivers, this discount in deductible by 25% for each accident-free policy year.

Allstate: Best Motorcycle Insurance Company for Young Drivers.

Motorcycle InsuranceAllstate is the second largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company in America. Similar to State Farm. There are currently more than  79,000 people working for the company. Allstate has some unique aspects to its motorcycle insurance that are great for young drivers.

Allstate Provides coverage at the first Motorcycle accident without raising any insurance Premium. Allstate Motorcycle insurance also provides safety training as Rider Protection to the Motorcycle Drivers. Policy Coverage includes medical payments, personal injury protection, comprehensive, uninsured and underinsured motorist, off-road vehicle transport and trailer damage insurance, property damage/bodily injury liability, optional/added equipment coverage, genuine parts guarantee, towing, lease/loan gap coverage and rental reimbursement. From Allstate Insurance a good rider with accident-free rides can get up to 50% discounts on their motorcycle insurance premium.

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Safeco: Best and Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Safeco is a part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group which provide affordable motorcycle insurance coverage. Safeco offers motorcycle insurance coverage for almost any type of motorcycle, including scooters, mopeds, sport bikes, cruisers, choppers, dirt bikes, sport cycles and touring bikes. Safeco does not provide motorcycle insurance coverage for bikes which used for racing or speed contests or for bikes without nitrous oxide kits.

Safeco Motorcycle Insurance coverage includes injury, property damage, liability for guest passengers, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, custom parts/equipment and roadside assistance. Discounts include motorcycle safety foundation discount, homeowners discount, garage discount, riding club discount and a mature rider discount.

USAA Insurance: Best Bike Insurance for Miltary Members

Motorcycle Insurance

USAA was founded by 25 Army officers who decided to ensure each other’s vehicles in 1922. Today, the company serves millions of members associated with the U.S. military, including:

  • Current Military Members
  • Former Military Members
  • Family of Military Members
  • Cadets or Midshipmen
  • National Guard

USAA motorcycle insurance policy includes liability for bodily injury, property damage, collision, custom parts and equipment. USAA motorcycle insurance company also provides coverage to the uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payments and roadside assistance. USAA has many discounts for its members who purchase motorcycle insurance. Some of the discounts include a multi-policy discount, multi-vehicle, loyalty discount, defensive driving course, good student, good driver, new motorcycle discount and a seasonal discount based on the season when you drive your motorcycle the most.

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Farmers: Best Bike Insurance Policy

Motorcycle Insurance

Farmers began its operations as an insurance company for providing coverage to rural farmers’ vehicles. Since then it is now the seventh largest insurance company in the country. It’s very difficult to find an insurance company that offers more products than Farmers to its customers. It offers basic auto insurance, pet insurance, and even investment products among a variety of other insurance products. There are nearly 21,000 people who are working for Farmers. Farmers have written over 19 million policies so far, across 50 states.

If you are a customer of Farmers Insurance and want to buy Motorcycle Insurance from Farmers Insurance then you can get a discount for doing so. In addition to the multi-policy discount, you can also receive a discount for an approved safety course, airbags, anti-lock brakes and there is a preferred operator discount.

Coverage options include liability for property damage and bodily injury, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, safety apparel coverage, optional equipment coverage up to $15,000, trailer transport coverage up to $7,500, towing and roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage and replacement cost coverage for motorcycles less than two years old. Increased liability limits are available to match those of your auto insurance policy.

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Nationwide Insurance: Best for Safe Bike Riders

Motorcycle Insurance

Nationwide, a Fortune 100 company, paid over $18 billion in claims and other benefits to members in 2017. The company does business across several verticals including financial services, commercial lines and personal lines in all 50 U.S. states. Nationwide has contributed over $430 million to nonprofit organizations since 2000.

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance has some best policy features for motorcycle drivers with safe driving records. USAA Motorcycle has the deductible option that reduces your policy deductible by $100 for every policy year you are claims-free. This deductible option is not unique to Nationwide. However, the $100 deduction is more than some other insurance companies who offer a vanishing deductible option.

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Dairyland: Best for High-Risk Bike Riders

Motorcycle Insurance

Dairyland Insurance is a subsidiary company of Sentry Insurance and specializes in non-standard motorcycle insurance to residents in 42 states. The Dairyland Insurance requirement is available for high-risk drivers who need to file financial responsibility with their state.

Motorcycle insurance is available for many types and brands of motorcycles, including mopeds, scooters, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and other brands. Coverage options include property damage and bodily injury liability, collision, comprehensive, custom motorcycles, accessory coverage, trike coverage, trip interruption, roadside assistance, replacement costs, rental reimbursement, uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage.

Discounts are available for multiple bikes, homeowners, motorcycle safety course, loyalty and rider group membership. There is physical damage plus option that allows you to have your motorcycle repaired with original equipment manufacturer parts.

Auto-Owners: Best Bike Insurance with Claim Satisfaction

Motorcycle InsuranceAuto-Owners Insurance is a mutual insurance company that offers auto, home, business and life insurance to policyholders exclusively through independent agents. Auto-Owners motorcycle insurance is J.D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction award-winning in providing claims service.

Auto-Owners Insurance company provides motorcycle Insurance coverage in 26 states. Coverage options of Auto-Owners include as bodily injury, property damage liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist, personal injury protection, medical payments, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, full glass coverage, loan/lease gap coverage and some additional expenses such as food and lodging.

There are many discounts are available to keep insurance premium affordable, including experienced operator discount, anti-lock brake discount, Anti-theft discount, touring bike discount, seasonal discount, multi-policy/life multi-policy discount, payment history, paid-in-full discount, green discount, favourable loss history discount, and a motorcycle safety foundation discount.

FAQ’s about Bike Insurance

Q: What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance company?

Ans: We have created the List of Top Motorcycle Insurance Companies. In this list, the Ranking of the company depends upon their Prices, coverage and customer satisfaction. But if we talk about the cheapest motorcycle insurance company there are four options came in mind. The 1st one is Markel American. Markel American Provides the most affordable Insurance Premiums to its customers.

The 2nd one is Nationwide Insurance Company. Nationwide is famous to provide the best Coverage to the “High-Risk” Drivers. The 3rd one is Progressive. The company is famous for Specialty or Vintage Bikes insurance coverage. The Last one is Safeco which is most famous for Providing Impressive Discounts to its users.

Q: What insurance companies cover motorcycles?

Ans: There are Top 8 Insurance Companies which are providing Motorcycle Insurance Coverage. We have Provided all the details about these insurance companies which cover motorcycle insurance.

Q: What is the average cost of motorcycle insurance?

Ans: It is very difficult to tell you the average cost of motorcycle insurance but for the good and safe motorcycle drivers may cost $100 – $500 a year.

Q: Who has the best rates on motorcycle insurance?

Ans: These are the top 8 insurance companies. The reason for becoming the top companies is they have the best and affordable rates and very good customer satisfaction. All these companies have the best rates on motorcycle insurance for the different types of drivers and policyholders. So you can get the best rates on motorcycle insurance from all the above insurance companies.

Q: How can I make my motorcycle insurance cheaper?

Ans: If you are looking to make your motorcycle insurance cheaper then you must have to follow some tips. By following these tips you can make your policy as cheaper as you can. You can make your policy cheaper by Choosing a smaller, older or less expensive bike. You can make it cheaper by paying policy charges annually. You can make it cheaper by Parking your motorbike in a secure area.  And also by taking a motorbike training course can make your motorcycle insurance cheaper.

Q: Which insurance company is best for a bike?

Ans: All the top Listed Insurance Companies are the best Insurance companies to get Motorcycle Insurance. You can buy a policy from any of the company listed above.

Q: Does USAA cover motorcycles?

Ans: Yes, USAA also covers Motorcycle Insurance. But the issue is that the only USA Miltary members can get an Insurance policy from USAA Insurance.

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